How to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile


Seven simple tweaks to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

Before you ramp up your activity on LinkedIn, it’s worth making sure your LinkedIn Profile is ready for an influx of attention.
Your profile is a 24/7 introduction to your professional You for casual browsers, potential clients, executive searchers and recruiters from your future workplace.

These seven simple tweaks can help make it more compelling.

1. Profile Picture:
Pick a recent, friendly, professional-looking picture that’s consistent with your personal brand. No casual shots, animals, or other people in the photo, please.
There a many articles written about good profile pictures, or you can use sites like Photofeeler to test your profile picture.
It’s money well spent to invest in an experienced photograper specialised in profile pictures.

2. Custom URL:
Pick the shortest, simplest available URL based on your name for your page.
On the left side of your profile page, you’ll find Contact and Personal info; here you can change the URL and also your other contact details.

3. Headline:
Change your default job title headline to demonstrate your areas of expertise.

4. Summary:
Share your vision and management philosophy in this personal note. Don’t be afraid to express strong opinions about the work you do and why it matters.
And if you work as an interim manager, make sure that your contact-details are easily find for potential clients so also put them here.

5. Experience:
Prune it down to just a few relevant past roles, and explain how each contributed to the professional you are today.

6. Multimedia:
Add video, images, and SlideShare presentations that highlight your team’s strongest content.

7. Keywords:
Be aware that every text field in your profile is searchable in LinkedIn and via other search engines. As you write, consider what terms people might use in searching for you and use keywords strategically!

Source: Linkedin whitepaper “The CMO Guide to Linkedin”

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