Today’s societal trends pose significant challenges to organisations, with the potential to put an organisation’s reputation at risk.Therefore, organisations are expected to take a clear stance on these issues to all stakeholders. This in turn requires corporate affairs and communications executives to provide guidance to the board of directors, thereby ensuring the continuity of the organisation.



Having an effective corporate affairs or corporate communications function is becoming increasingly important for organisations. If the appropriate professional is not available, the situation must be resolved promptly. Our network consists of highly experienced professionals. For any vacancy, whether permanent or interim, we are committed to finding the most suitable candidate.

Executive Search

For leaders in corporate affairs and communications across all types of organisations and industries. Listed, public sector, international, and family-run businesses.

Interim search

High-level temporary solutions in corporate affairs and communications. For interim executive roles and senior specialists.


We offer coaching as part of the executive search process, for personal development or on-the-job coaching.

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