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Our work focuses on 7 C’s: Commitment, Connection, Continuity, Career, Coaching, Corporate Affairs and CASA. Our team is all about commitment. To the corporate affairs profession, to our clients, to our professionals. Personal attention and involvement are paramount. This is how we make connections valuable. It is the passion for the profession, the attention for the people and the pleasure in collaboration that unites us.

Our logo reflects our personal attention for professionals and clients. Every assignment is unique, every professional is unique. Just like a fingerprint is.


Our team

Petra Herman

Executive Search

Francine Rutgers

Executive Search

Paula Verheul

Coaching Executive Search


Chief Welcome Officer
Since 2008

A household name in the market

Each of us has extensive experience in the communications and executive search profession. It is the passion for corporate affairs, the interest in people and the pleasure in our work that unites us. Personal attention and involvement is our priority.

We know our way around the commercial business community and the public sector and speak the language of the corporate affairs director and the HR manager. We understand people and situations quickly and in a structured manner. This makes it possible to properly assess whether someone is personally and professionally ready for a particular role, permanent or interim. We have already brought many professionals to the next, successful career step and helped organizations to build a professional corporate affairs department.


International network

We are proud to be part of the Corporate Affairs Search Alliance (CASA). A network of like-minded people and specialized agencies in London, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Paris and Washington DC. This means that we also have access to an extensive international candidate network in these markets.