The Corporate Affairs Search Alliance

Access to international professionals and clients

Herman Rutgers is one of the founding partners of CASA: The Corporate Affairs Search Alliance (CASA) brings together 6 market-leading boutique Corporate Affairs executive search firms to create the ‘Home of Corporate Affairs’. CASA offers organisations the opportunity to access the best Corporate Affairs leaders from around the world. The founding firms include Addison (Ireland), Exeter Search (France), Herman Rutgers (Netherlands), Ithaca Partners (UK), Patino Associates (USA), and PRCC (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Each CASA member is an independent boutique firm conducting executive level searches across the Corporate Affairs landscape (including Communications, Public Affairs, Investor Relations, and often Marketing and ESG too).

CASA Members have also committed the full resources of their respective firms that extend beyond executive search to the promise of ‘Making Corporate Affairs Better’. In addition to the executive search work that unifies CASA, member companies offer consulting, coaching, and training capabilities. Our firms can assist a wide range of organisations, from large global corporations and NGOs, to emerging high-growth businesses at the beginning of their Corporate Affairs journey.

CASA also offers the opportunity for candidates seeking to relocate abroad to tap into the network for Corporate Affairs executive roles. The CASA vision is that member firms should be the ‘Home of Corporate Affairs’ in each market, so that individual senior Corporate Affairs professionals know they have a stable, valuable and guiding influence in their careers regardless of which sector or which employer organisation they work for at the time.

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CASA member firms cover the following countries.


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