Paula Verheul

Paula Verheul

Taking time to thoroughly get to know my candidates and clients

Based on my sincere interest in people and organizations, I am constantly looking for the right match that will benefit both parties.  I’ve spent the last 20 years, taking great pleasure in every interaction I have that helps bring this about.  It’s a privilege of being a search professional that so many of our conversations are more personal than most business discussions… for me, that personal element is all about the insight I get in what drives and motivates my clients and candidates.

First and foremost, I enjoy asking a lot of questions.  Then I take time to analyse and reflect on what I’ve heard.  That’s what gives the insights, and sometimes those insights lead to unexpected next steps.

In addition to my strength in empathy, I have an extensive knowledge of organizations including how teams work and individual incentive packages. In the past few years I have done various training courses focussed on coaching and organisational development, which gives me deeper professional skills and a sense of continuing professional development.  If you would like to discuss our possibilities in coaching please click here.

My early years as a communications manager in the corporate world, have shaped me and set my strong fundamentals for executive search in communication and marketing roles. Subsequently, in my various management roles, I was responsible for the growth and expansion of a leading recruitment agency. My move to Herman Rutgers gives me the opportunity to fully focus on executive search in Corporate Communication in a small team.  It’s great to feel so at home!
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