Paula Verheul

Coaching Executive Search

From my sincere interest in people and organizations, I am constantly looking for the right match that benefits both parties. I have been doing this with great attention and pleasure for over 20 years. In personal conversation, I gain many insights into what drives people. This applies to clients and candidates alike.

First and foremost, I enjoy asking lots of questions, analyzing and reflecting which immediately creates clear insights that often lead to surprising new steps. In addition to strong empathy, I have extensive knowledge of organizations. I value my own development. Thus, in recent years I have taken several courses in the field of coaching and organizational development, allowing me to add depth to the practice of my profession.

My early years as a manager of communications in corporate business shaped me and were a solid foundation for executive search in the niche of marketing and communications. I later took on various management roles and contributed to the building and growth of a leading recruitment and selection agency. Thanks to my move to Herman Rutgers, I can now fully focus on executive search in corporate communications within a compact team and feel right at home here!

Do you need reflection or a specific coaching question? Please contact me for our coaching opportunities.

Paula Verheul
From my genuine interest in people, I am constantly looking for the right match.