Pauls is a St!r certified coach, she completed her training in systemic working with family constellations in 2018.  She combines her coaching with more than 20 years of experience in recruitment and Executive Search. Through her intense way of conduction a conversation, she has gained dan enormous amount of experience. She has enough life experience and self – knowledge to listen as an objective party, by asking, summarizing and reflecting. In addition to her strong empathic ability, Paula also has an extended knowledge of organizations in which candidates and clients act, what their individual motives are, what they are up against and where opportunities lie. Every question asked during a coaching session is unique and gets the attention to get you (back) in motion. Career question are never just about the job, that is why Paula looks at the whole picture. During her conversations Paula creates an atmosphere where you can be ‘just’ you and feel secure.

Personal branding & coaching

There are times in your working life that you feel the need  for reflection. A good conversation on where you stand in your career and what possibilities lie ahead. Or maybe you need a more professional look at your resume. We are a valuable partner to discuss these matters with.

The possibilities

We offer various options for clients and their employees or for individuals. Questions that often are discussed are; How do I best profile myself as a candidate and does my resume tell the same story as my personal presentation? How do I best prepare myself for a reorganization if I have to apply for my current job or a different role within my current employer? I am stuck in a pattern where my behaviour doesn’t always profit me, how do i prevent myself from making the same mistakes again?

Nowadays it is conventional to schedule regular ‘maintenance interviews’, a way of reflection where your development and progress in your work life is key. Career coaching is also available for career maintenance. Don’t hesitate in asking for advice in case of a problem, but be ahead of any issues that might appear in the future. .

Personal branding

In a conversation regarding your Personal Branding, the coaches look at your resume, your personal presentation and your own branding. How is your career development, what opportunities and new directions are there for you? How do you handle an application process? These kind of questions and questions you have regarding the above, may come up in this sounding board session. A personal branding session takes 1,5 hours and after that you have the possibility to ask for feedback regarding a job interview or resume changes by phone. The fee for this type of coaching is Euro 250,-.


In our coaching trajectory we will have a number of meetings of 1,5 hours. The first is an intake, where we discuss the coaching demand and see if there is a connection. Then we determine the desired outcome/ result of the sessions. Experience shows that four to six conversations are a minimum to achieve our goal. Between our sessions will be a period of 2/3 weeks, so you  have enough time to let everything sink in. The whole process will take up to at least 5 months.
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