It is always a challenge to put on the table the real job behind the job profile and the real story behind the CV. The added value of having the right corporate affairs or communications professional in the right place becomes particularly clear when the organisation’s reputation is under pressure. It is then that the board member and the communications director must be able to rely on each other’s understanding and trust.

That is why my interviews with candidates are not just about professional background and ambitions. Equally important is ‘what makes you tick’, in what situations you are at your best, how you work together.
When talking to clients, the key is to find out where the potential candidate can make a difference. What it takes to succeed in an organisation. What the expectations of a director or board of directors are. Because the best CV is not necessarily the best candidate for the job. An honest reflection on both professional and client expectations is crucial.

After a career in communications on the agency side and in the business world, I decided to switch to executive search in 2000. Founding Herman Rutgers in 2008 brought the icing on the cake: entrepreneurship. We are a great team of 5 women working for top organisations. This gives me new energy every day.

Francine Rutgers
Presenting the unexpected solution,
That's the best thing about my profession.