Podcast Off The Record: On Leadership and Corporate Affairs at De Volksbank

Herman Rutgers 22 September 2022
Leadership Podcast

Major social issues, national and global, directly affect organizations. Corporate communications, increasingly, plays a crucial role in helping organizations meet these challenges.

Herman Rutgers launches her own Podcast series on this topic, Off The Record, in which Diederik Heinink talks with CEOs and their Director of Communications. In addition to current events, the podcast discusses leadership, the role of communication in the organization and the magic of collaboration between the two.

In this first episode of Off The Record talk.
Martijn Gribnau, CEO of De Volksbank
and his
Director of Corporate Communications, Wendy Eelsing
talk candidly with Diederik Heinink about individuality and leadership, about the crisis when Martijn Gribnau took office as CEO and the role communication played in it.

Listen in and get a special insight into their unique way of working together and Martijn Gribnau’s thought-provoking vision of communication.


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